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So you've got a piece of land and you wish to make it more productive? You want to learn more practical skills?


Find out about the best ways to look after your pasture, crops, veges and trees?


Have a go at cheese making, stone sculpting, sheep shearing, fencing?


Maybe you're thinking about getting bees, alpacas or goats?


You need to get the irrigation sorted on your land? And after the last drought perhaps it'd be good to know more about fire safety in our rural environments?


You've come to the right place - the annual Dovedale School fundraiser will have you sorted!


There are so many great workshops on offer, you might have a hard job choosing which ones are priority! We also need to tell you that the local community do a massive bake and cook-up and lay on a hearty farm-style lunch as well.


It is a day not to be missed! The facilitators are awesome (and they give their time for free which is really really appreciated) and the money you pay goes directly to the ~40 kids at the local school. $120 for the day.


Scroll down for more information about each workshop. Some workshops have limited spaces because they are really hands-on. Register soon to avoid disappointment. Hope to see you on the day - Saturday 10th August - we have put our order in for sunshine.





Oamaru Stone Sculpting

Oamaru Stone Sculpting -

Sorry course now full

An all day workshop where you will learn how to design, carve and finish an Oamaru stone sculpture using tools found at home.  $15 material fee (Sharyn Tasker)

Fencing for Beginners

Learn basic fencing skills including digging in posts and strainers, tying wire, straining fences, basic electric fencing, fence repairs, materials and tools (Lea Contracting).

Fibre Processing: From Sheep to Fabric

Wondering what to do with all that wool?  Learn about sorting/skirting, cleaning, spinning, felting and carding.  Turn that wool into a creation! (Woolinwood Carding).

Taxes and Farming

Don’t let tax season be ‘taxing’!  Get your lifestyle block income working for you.  Learn all about when it is beneficial to register for GST, the new tax rules regarding deductable expenses and livestock rules (Milnes Beatson Ltd).

Dirt & Fert

It all begins with the soil.  Further your knowledge on how to improve soil structure, function and health to maximise species growth and animal health (Ravensdown).

Composting and Garden Planning

Learn how to get your garden thriving productively throughout the year.  Includes composting, bed management, garden friends, diseases and shelter (Vicky Melville).

Purchasing and Keeping a Pony

So you now have the land for that long dreamed of pony?  Learn about purchasing the right pony for you, feeding and nutrition requirements, animal health including worming and shoeing and some basic handling skills (Cathy Peter).

Calf Rearing and Nutrition

How do you achieve the overall aim of rearing calves (developing a healthy rumen)?  Learn about good housing, animal health and nutrition (NRM).

Sheep ‘Know How’

Learn & give it a go!  Handling, drenching, crutching, shearing, tailing and ringing lambs.  N.B. Due to popularity the Sheep ‘Know How’ workshop is run twice during the day.  The content is the same for both timeslots (Ashley Peter).

Anything Water

Water to where you want it.  All you need to know about stock water and troughs, water pumps, water filtration and gravity feed systems (Water Filtration and Pumps).

Goat ‘Know How’

No kidding around!  All you need to know about handling, fences, feed, animal health, breeds, milking and markets (Werner Arnold).

Animal Health

Does an apple a day keep the vet away?  Learn about lambing, calving, parasites, foot care, castration, dehorning, bloat, facial eczema, metabolic diseases, vaccinations and drenches (Town & Country Vet).


“Country Cuts – no bowls required!”  Learn how to do some basic haircuts including fringes, short mens/boys cuts and trimming long hair (Eden Armstrong).

Fencing: The Next Steps

Skill development for people who have some fencing experience but want to move to the next step.  Workshop includes a refresher of the basics along with tying off netting and stay assemblies (Lea Contracting).

Cheese Making

From milk to cheese.  Learn how to make your own cheese at home (Heather Grant-Sands).

Orchard Management and Grafting - Sorry course now full

Learn how to tame your orchard to get the best harvest from your trees.  Basic principles of tree planting and pruning. Have a go at grafting to get the perfect variety growing at your place (Dove Trees).

Pig Rearing and Nutrition

Learn how to raise strong, healthy pigs.  Pig rearing, housing and nutrition all covered (NRM).

Pasture Management: Pasture & Crops

Stop wasting time and money on ineffective feed.  Develop your knowledge about which pastures and crops produce the best feed value and nutrition for your animals throughout the seasons (Brent Boyce).

Fire Safety for Rural Living

Do you keep yourself safe and minimise risk to your property if a wildfire comes near?  Learn about how a fire travels, fire smart plantings, structure protection and recovery (Fire and Emergency New Zealand).


Introduction to Beekeeping.  Learn about hive setup and equipment, NZ Beekeeping regulations and beekeeping management basics (Moutere Beekeeping).

Farm Management

Get the best from your block.. Develop your knowledge on how to choose the right stock for your block, feed budgeting, grazing management and general farm management (Brent Boyce).

Cuppa And A Cuddle With A Camelid

All about Alpaca origins, basic care and how to keep them on a lifestyle block.  Experience the luxurious Alpaca fleece, both on the animal and in hand and see what you can create from it (Terra Nova Alpacas).

The Right Tree For The Job

Which tree suits your conditions?  Do you need shelter, fodder, erosion control, timber, coppicing, bee food or fruit & nuts?  Planning, planting & maintenance. Boundary rules, power lines and neighbours (Richards' Orchard).

Intro to Welding

Machine setup, basic techniques and rod selection. Useful for general repairs like fixing gates and tractors. Watch the pro then have a go! (Mark Morris).

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